Does the subscription box ship out each month? If so, which dates?

The Regular Club Box is the only box that ships once a month and that is usually the 15th of each month, and our Executive and general admission boxes ships 3-4 days after purchase.

2) Does each month contain "things" associated completely with the team we sign up with?

Depending on which box is chosen, that boxes theme is going to represent the teams you pick to represent your box. This is why we ask for two teams so that our subscribers can experience different merchandise but also to give access to more options. Also, you can specify or suggest that you would like a kid-friendly(meaning no shot glasses, lighters, etc) or female oriented accessories in the comment section provided as to add a little more control over your content. 

3) I'm a Georgia Bulldog. If I list UGA as my team, is that exclusively the items I will receive?

Yes, But depending on your subscription we do ask that you give us 2 teams for monthly boxes and 3-4 teams for the season passes, to make sure you not only get the desired value but also to ensure that you get a variety of the merchandise that is available.

4) What's the approximate value of the box? For instance, on the $50 box, how much value is the "stuff" inside?

Our $50 dollar boxes which include 6 items, when compared to other retailers total to around $75-$80 each excluding shipping. With our Executive Club box for $75 which includes 10-12 items, has a retail value of over $150 conservatively, because our subscribers chose us as their direct avenue to said merchandise is how we can give such steep discounts stadiums, and other online retailers prey on.

5) Is there a separate shipping cost?

Our subscribers enjoy free shipping on all of our boxes as thanks for their business.

6) Is it recurring until cancelled? Any price incentive for signing up for more months?

We do offer a three-month subscription which is paid at one time and you do get a discount for taking advantage of that, but our boxes do not incur a recurring monthly fee to ease any cancellation woes. With our Regular Club Box being the only "monthly" box we feel confident in our subscribers to return when they see fit instead of locking them into a monthly agreement. We're here for the fans and the support of sports teams, by allowing our subscribers the freedom to get merchandise for their favorite team local or states away via our tier system, we believe it gives each individual a means to get what they want and that what we are here for.